1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    If your not a huge gamer will the cpu cores and speed make any difference over say, the current Z30 spec phone for typical non gaming use?

    07-03-14 09:30 PM
  2. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    It's not just for gaming. The UI will work better in general with additional cores, too.

    Headless app also compete for attention even when the focus isn't on them. Multiple cores will help there, too.
    07-03-14 09:43 PM
  3. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    I don't know - I'm a little skeptical about the real world benefits. And yes, I do have a Quad Core Kindle Fire HDX. In theory it is "smoother", and sometimes in practice, it does feel a little bit. But I don't find my Z10 and iPhone 5S are sluggish while my Kindle Fire is buttery smooth. In fact, while I can make the Z10 and 5S sometimes studder a little, my Kindle Fire often inexplicably doesn't respond to system controls for seconds.

    Even the game example I don't fully buy because many game manufacturers write for the lowest common denomentator to get more sales since the audience is wider. It's very rare to find a game on iPhone or Android that only runs on the absolute latest hardware pushing it to the max.

    My view is: try it out. If you're able to perform what you need to and its generally smooth, the hardware does the trick. Some devices like my Torch 9800 (out of the box) and iPod Gen 4 (after an update) were routinely laggy and unpleasant to use.

    I'm not convinced that having a multitude of cores results in a practical experience improvement in many cases except for bragging rights or giving the manufacturer something to differentiate with.
    07-03-14 10:09 PM

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