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    Some background... I went from a Bold 9900 to the iPhone and hated it... then to the Q10, and finally to the Passport (AT&T). I LOVE everything about the BB10 OS, I'm completely addicted to my Passport. I'm a purist, and use it for what it was made for: communication. Emails and texts for my business. I don't have social media, and the channels that I do, I take care of from a desktop. I was sharing a plan with my sister and now we're moving out and away to do our own things, and I'm getting my own plan with my fiance. I've been dying for the BB Passport in white, but with the lack of support and updates, it doesn't seem like the smartest move. I love it so much and I'm really not willing to go to the PRIV or DTEK50 because I don't like Android... what else should I consider before leaving my beloved Passport behind and moving on to a new phone all together?
    09-13-16 08:46 PM
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    The closest thing you will ever get to a BB10 experience is a BlackBerry Android device. Give it a shot. It FEELS very much like a BlackBerry in my opinion.
    09-13-16 09:29 PM
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    It shouldn't be a difficult decision but, like you many believe it's a great device and should fly off the shelves, if the price was in line. But the more than 2 year old OG Passport is costing the same $299 price on Amazon as the recently launched Dtek 50. And the Priv for $ 380 (which is fully supported by BlackBerry) , is less than the PPSE price of $ 449 also on Amazon.
    Logic like this makes the decision harder than it should be.
    So if BlackBerry would reduce the price to reflect the life expectancy of the devices' OS, I would snatch it up for roughly $300 for the OG,and $350-380 for the PPSE; justified by the diminishing OS support from BlackBerry.

    A BlackBerry Fan
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    09-13-16 10:07 PM

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