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    So I haven't used a blackberry in a really long time(last was a blackberry bold). Iv had my current phone for around 3 years now(Samsung galaxy s6 edge) and im finally looking for an upgrade. After doing a lot of research I came to the conclusion that I had to have the blackberry key 2.

    The only concern that I have is the problem with wifi calling. I work in a building where I don't get service and oddly enough the apartment I live in doesn't have good service either(Tmoble). Iv been to multiple forum posts that state that the problem is on blackberrys end, which with the newest patch: ABC432 the company removed the wifi calling feature(with no concrete plans to fix the problem). According to a few posts by JKames here on crack berry that "I spoke to someone in John Chen's office, who connected me with a senior tech at Blackberry Mobile.
    Wifi calling with T-Mobile has not been certified yet and is currently in process". Iv seen the email that he posted and it doesn't look like they really have plans for a fix in the near future. Some other posters showed emails of bb customer support saying that the removal of wifi calling was intentional for unlocked phones(every US phone is unlocked).

    Worst case scenario, blackberry doesn't release a wifi calling patch. I know there are a few work arounds(shortcut app and imputing some type of number sequence for a developer settings menu, also don't know how well this works) but I was wondering if its possible to just revert to the previous patch ABA082(released patch that supports wifi calling)?

    Like I said I cant really use the phone efficiently without wifi calling considering the 2 most common places I use my phone for calls are not service covered(tmoble). Only interested in advice from people with the phone in the US(unlocked). I would hate to buy a $650 paperweight.
    09-15-18 05:09 AM
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    Well... wifi-calling works on both KeyOne and Motion, on T-mo USA. Why?, speculate all you want, but it does not work on Key2 and I am unaware that it ever did.
    09-15-18 03:02 PM

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