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    I'm using blackberry passport some android apps not connect to the Internet I use both mobile data and wifi connection but it's not connect. Example apps name (pocket troops) even mobile network app data is turned ON. I downloaded the games from cobalt patched play store.

    Thanks guys

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    01-26-16 04:23 AM
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    01-26-16 05:46 AM
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    01-26-16 08:30 AM
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    I tried and android assistant data and wifi is turned ON. But still android apps not connecting to the Internet. I'm using wifi connection.

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    01-26-16 09:03 PM
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    I tried android assistant, cobalt mobile network but still my android apps not connect to the Internet! Even I tried mobile data and wifi connection but still it's not connect. I did hard reset too. Help me guys.

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    01-27-16 06:00 AM

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