1. Kamwendo Alex's Avatar
    Yes good afternoon all,
    Just want to say,thanks to all big brain guys we have here!
    As always I have a question again,the question is, HOW CAN WE MAKE AN ANDROID APP RUN SMOOTH IN OUR BB10 SOFTWARE, OR IS THERE ANYTHING TO DO TO AN ANDROID APP BEFORE WE INSTALL IN THE PHONE? MOST OF ANDROID APPS RAGS WHEN I RUN THEM AND WRITE" APP NOT RESPONDING, DO YOU WANT TO CLOSE OR WAIT?" e.g Apps like Mx player, Opera mini,uc browser and whatsapp? Please help we want to stay with our BB10.
    Thanks in advance not forgetting people like conite,blaze1 and rest thanks for your efforts.

    Posted via CB10
    01-22-18 02:20 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Cobalt's solutions - Play Store and Patcher are the best solutions out there.

    You have to realize that most all BB10 hardware is based on 2012/2013 time frame (only the Passport was a little newer), and that the BB10 Runtime is also from this period. And that for most any situation where you are running emulation on top of another OS... things are going to be slower.

    If your having issues, search a single app and see if it's still compatible. Sometimes you need an older version, sometimes you need to patch and sometimes it just isn't going to be compatible.

    For BB10, I've found that doing a clean install every now and then and then rebuilding from scratch sometimes provides good results.
    01-22-18 07:39 AM

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