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    I don't know why, but many apps from BlackBerry app store and android apks downloaded, when installed, won't work with cellular connections.. only wifi connections.. I will this, coz many countries, people don't use wifi a lot for connection.. and it's not viable and comfortable like data services.. the most funny thing is, when 10.3.1 came, I thought BlackBerry would integrate the amazon app store in system..but it turns out the so called 'amazing amazon app' store needs wifi connection to download apps.. haha.. I really like the platform.. but it's been bragging about it other than providing and motivating app developers to develop apps.. eg. I do video calls, and the skype in BlackBerry is just a ported one which fortunately works on data connection.. but its just a mediocre one.. windows phone has even better one per say.. another eg is today I heard Microsoft building cortana for ios and android.. still no bb. . Is it coz they thought bb has stopped producing products since 2011,or a fued between them?? But I can't help but notice people in crackberry still have high praises for bb n team.. yet praises alone and no app development will do no good.. pity.

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    03-14-15 07:06 AM
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    I am unsure as to why the system has blocked your title and inserted **** instead of what you wanted to say.

    Anyway, which OS are you running, and one of the solutions to having android apps working, you'd need a reload and a partial restore.
    03-14-15 01:44 PM

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