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    Hey everyone! I have a question regarding the battery life with the Passport (AT&T's version). I just got my Passport yesterday, and I absolutely love it. I am not too experienced with BlackBerry's OS and platform, having only owned one other BlackBerry device before this (which was the Torch 9800 four years ago). Anyway, based on every review I've read or heard about, I had high expectations for the battery life. Unfortunately, I am not having the same experience. I don't use it constantly, and I've only downloaded 3 apps; and only one of those (being ebay) is "third-party." I wouldn't say that the battery life is bad, but it's about as lasting as the battery on my iPhone 6+. Is there something I am missing? Or is there a setting that I should change or check? Anyone else experiencing this? I would appreciate any help, advice, support, and/or feedback you could give me. Thanks!

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    03-13-15 07:14 PM

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