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    A few months ago I downloaded the American Airlines app for my BlackBerry Z30 and it was an okay app. I tried to open the app today and got a message to update it through Google Play. That's a no go, as I can't open Google Play on my phone. Anyone have any wisdom on what to do now?

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    02-05-16 07:24 AM
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    02-05-16 08:28 AM
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    Confusing. I'm trying to load the three files, but it takes me to my downloads app, but there is no apparent way to save it. I need more specifics of where to save the files. Thank you.

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    02-05-16 09:51 AM
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    I can't download the files. To be clear, does this work with a Z30 on Verizon?

    Posted via CB10
    02-05-16 11:02 AM
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    The files should download to your "downloads" folder.
    Use file manager to open your downloads folder. In folder you will see the associated apk files. Simply tap and they should install.
    This will enable google play store and the google play services.

    Now there may be more to do.... If you are on the latest OS .2876 there is an error in the android runtime which prevents the reinstallation of a previously loaded android app....you will need to uninstall all remnants of the previously loaded android app. They are usually in your downloads folder too.
    To correct this issue you will need to install the ART files from OS 2813. This is a simple sideload if you are familiar with the process. you will then be able to delete and install android apps freely. check the following links...sounds complex but it is pretty straight forward..

    Community member Conite came up with the solution to revert the Android runtime back to the one from 2813. This will fix the issue and Android app will uninstall normally again. It is highly recommended to implement that quick fix and to turn OFF Auto update in Blackberry Software update until a final solution is available.

    1. Sideload the two files in this package with Sachesi:

    2. Turn OFF Autoupdate in Blackberry Settings > Software Update

    If you have issues refer to the following link and post again
    02-05-16 07:07 PM

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