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    Contact Amazon by phone, email, Facebook post to let them know there's demand for the full series of Amazon apps. The rep says the more people contact them, the more quickly they will address the issue.

    If you're on 10.2.1 and an Amazon Prime member, you cannot (without complicated and warranty-killing workarounds) load the Prime Now app, which offers 1-2 hour delivery in select markets. There is no other way to use the service than through the app. It doesn't show as available through Amazon appstore, and in fact is downloadable through Google Play and the Apple appstore.

    The Prime Video app -- one of the most attractive of Prime's features -- will download, but won't work.

    Ironic that BB's partner on app delivery hasn't made these available to their Prime members.
    03-20-15 05:52 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    That's interesting... and unfortunate if it's accurate.

    About the Prime Now app, what sort of "warranty-killing workarounds" do you mean?

    I'm in Canada, so I couldn't test out the Prime Video app unfortunately. (That's a whole other story...)
    03-20-15 07:23 PM

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