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    As of today, after I installed the January Android patch on my Priv, my All Day Events from my Outlook.com calendar are displayed one day early.

    (Disclaimer: This *may* also be related to some kind of Outlook.com update that was made two days ago, but I think not, because I use All Day Events regularly and I think I would have noticed.)

    They display *correctly* in Outlook on my PC and in Outlook.com.

    They display *incorrectly* in BlackBerry Calendar. They also display incorrectly if I install other calendar apps like Business Calendar or Coogle calendar (since they use the Hub accounts).

    If I install the Outlook Android App they display *correctly*, but since that calendar is lousy in so many other ways that is no option.

    Anyone else having this problem or know of any solution?
    01-26-17 02:16 PM

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