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    I thought I wanted to be an iPhone user and had an upgrade to an iPhone 5s (also swapping from T-Mobile to EE). After a couple of days, I realised I wanted to swap back to my trusty Blackberry 9790 and all is well apart from the fact that I can't send or receive emails any more. 'Your device had a problem connecting to the server is the message constantly appearing.
    Can anyone help me to make the complete switch back from iPhone to Blackberry, please? Very frustrating.
    06-21-15 01:04 PM
  2. helalzone's Avatar
    Talk to your connection provider, to work internet on the mentioned device needs BIS plan, you simply can't swap sim from an iphone unless u have BlackBerry 10 device

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    06-21-15 01:34 PM
  3. GauravB82's Avatar
    Hmmm...is it just emails? I stopped receiving messages on my phone after switching from an iphone6.
    You need to ensure your iCloud, Facetime, iMessages are totally switched off and disabled on the iphone.
    Is it possible your iphone is still receiving emails using your home Wifi and therefore considers them 'read' on the server? Remove email accounts from the iphone too.

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    06-23-15 12:37 PM

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