1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Till recently both devices worked just fine and as advertised.
    latest OS update:
    devices: Passport, Z10
    Problem:after last OS update the native apps like "internet"(aka. Youtube) do not work anymore in background.
    Now, apparently BB native apps do not offer the option-switch to enable running in background.
    Waranty: devices were bought in Germany, therefore not directly from RIM.
    In this case RIM suggest they not responsible to offer any warranty, but seller instead; although OS update with current problems came directly from RIM!
    Can anyone please help me to revert this functionality?
    05-18-17 04:31 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Changes on YouTube's side. Use desktop mode in browser.
    05-18-17 07:59 PM

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