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    Just installed the 10.3 leak on my Q10. I managed to start BBM, do a search. and open settings. At this point however, all I can do now is zoom & and out of the screen, and see a few things changing dynamically such as the time at the top, lightning bolt next to the battery (as I'm charging it) and BBM active view (or whatever the thumbnail of the active app is called). In words, it's stopped responding to anything other than zoom the screen in & out, or raising/lowering the volume. Won't respond to swipe up, down, left, right, or tapping on anything currently active.

    Is it normal for it to be in this state while it's syncing everything, on this leak? :-/
    10-05-14 12:10 AM
  2. Sridhar M's Avatar
    Hi, BBM gets an update once you install 10.3,but depends on which OS release. I am running, after installation, I opened up the BlackBerry World and went to the Updates to check the latest fixes for 10.3. So jump to BlackBerry World and get your BBM updated. Else simply in install and reinstall BBM if you don't see an update.

    Posted via CB10 on my Z30 running on OS
    10-05-14 12:23 AM

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