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    What happened to the "Real" Advanced Interactions on the Dtek60? *I find instructions online for advanced interactions but it's more of an alternative set and not the same as the PRIV which is Android. **
    Blaze wrote
    Although the**Priv**is, for the most part, a stock Android experience, BlackBerry did bring some of their own special functions over to the device in various ways. One set of features in particular that was**brought over from BlackBerry 10 is the Advanced Interactions*.* Blaze Where did it go??

    PS:**Looking for the lift to wake option? It's already built into Android so there was no reason for BlackBerry to list it under Advanced Interactions. You can access lift to wake by going to**Settings**and then**Display*. Am not seeing a lot of options I liked on my PRIV. Not to mention the lock screen wallpaper option is also gone. Where are my BlackBerry features ? Has anyone else noticed things missing ? Can anyone provide a REAL reason why there is such a change from the Priv to the Dtek60 seeing as these are BlackBerry features on Android, one would think that they would expand on the options and not necessarily take away options.
    01-01-17 09:08 PM
  2. Jonathank's Avatar
    The phone doesn't even stay awake in my hand any more and I set it up already to do so
    01-02-17 07:02 AM

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