1. ZSherifff's Avatar
    I have been using Hub+ on my Xperia Z5 Premium since last August with no problems.

    Ever since my device upgraded the OS to Nougat 7, Hub only syncs with my corporate email while connected to our company wifi. Other than that nothing at all. Although the native built in mail client of the device works flawlessly in all conditions. Also all other devices within my company are working with no problems.

    Since I am the IT Manager of the company I was able to take a look at the firewall logs (ISA 2006) and found out the the traffic coming from the phone while not connected to the company wifi is being rejected because it not recognised as anything defined within the FW rules although when connected to the corporate wifi it works fine and is recognised as activesync traffic and hence applying the appropriate rule to it.

    I have opened a ticket with BB and tried several things with them including sending them my device logs to their level 2 tech support. We even went to the point of completely resetting my phone but nothing seemed to work.

    It is really frustrating that I have to wait to come to the office to update my mails, contacts and calendar.

    Can anyone help please

    Thank you in advance
    04-18-17 08:22 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Works for me.... but then both of those activesync accounts are cloud based.

    Hopefully BlackBerry will get back to you soon.... with more than it's not meant to be ran on Nougat yet.
    04-18-17 08:46 AM
  3. ZSherifff's Avatar
    They keep insisting that it works fine with Nougat...
    04-19-17 05:02 AM

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