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    I purchased a Blackberry Passport Silver Edition direct from Blackberry. Installed the Nano Sim Card I purchased from Walmart and the AT&T Symbol appears after reboot. I called the activation rep from Straight Talk Wireless and gave him my Nano Sim Card Number and IMEI #. The rep stated I cannot activate my Unlocked BB Passport on the Straight Talk system.

    Based on all the Crackberry Forum responses regarding activating the BB Passport on Straight Talk, this can't be correct. I'm waiting on a call back from their tech support, but would appreciate any Subject Matter Experts weighing in on what I need to do.

    Okay, Straight Talk Tech Support called me back and stated that because I did not purchase a "branded phone" (one sold by Straight Talk) they won't connect me. The reason they stated is that while they can provide talk and text, they have had problems providing data and since they don't want unhappy customers, they've decided not to connect Passports that aren't branded.

    When I went out to the AT&T site (since the Passport seems to only work on AT&T and T-Mobile) there is a full page dedicated to "Programming correct data settings for non-AT&T "branded" devices.

    There is also a web page that discusses how to set up Blackberry Passport Data Settings on Straight Talk, but this is useless to me if Straight Talk won't accept me as a customer.

    What I need is someone on this forum who has a BB Passport and has found a way to allow get through the Straight Talk Mafia to tell me what they did...there have got to be hundreds of BB Passport users on the Straight Talk network and I can't imagine that all of them provided a bogus IMEI #.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!
    12-06-16 05:14 PM
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    This is the problem with MVNO's, you may get a much lower price for your service but you also get strange decisions like this. Your best bet is to return the SIM for a refund and find a different MVNO, preferably one owned by a major carrier as opposed to one run by TracFone like Straight Talk, Net10, and the like.

    Posted via CB10
    12-06-16 07:01 PM
  3. bberry1995's Avatar
    They did the same when I tried to set up a Verizon iPhone which come unlocked. I knew it would work but the rep tried to tell me it wouldn't so I just told them it was an att iPhone and it worked. Lot of customer service reps don't know what they're taking about. I see absolutely no reason why it wouldn't work, they just go by what the computer tells them which is sometimes inaccurate.
    12-06-16 09:33 PM
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    Purchased an unlocked BB Passport and I am using it on Straight Talk. Their customer service is horrible regardless of what phone you have. I have two issues 1) I can receive emails but can not send them out because they claim not to know the correct settings for my phone. They are just know knowledgeable from the start. 2) They do not have popular area codes as far as I can tell for the city of Atlanta. They have area codes now that I have never seen.

    If anyone knows the correct settings for APN for BB Silver passport, "PLEEEEESE" let me know.

    12-07-16 04:02 PM

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