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    Hi all,
    i've bumped into a new problem which is that Blackberry Hub is alerting me every night that "Account Info Needed" for all my email accounts.
    Well that's kinda discussed bug in the web, although not solved in any thread i have read.
    But my problem has a kinky addition...
    except for my 4 email accounts that i have already stored my credentials and receive and send my emails as i should, the message pops for 3 email accounts that i didn't store my credentials in my Z10 device.
    They have somehow came up from a restore through Blackberry Link from my old Q5 but never input my credentials in the Z10.
    When i go to my Settings\Accounts, i can see only the 4 i have stored the credentials and not the other 3.
    Further more, if i click on the link that Hub provides (for any of the 7 accounts mentioned), to go and input my Account Info, a message pops and says "There was a problem opening your account".
    Any idea will be appreciated.

    Posted via my Z10
    08-17-15 08:08 PM
  2. nah.uhh's Avatar
    Try the app accounts cleaner from app world

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    08-17-15 08:20 PM
  3. Black-Buried's Avatar
    Yeap, that probably did the trick.
    1 day after installing it and no Notification Pop-up till now.
    This app gives user the ability both to delete obsolete accounts and to Update the Accounts needed to.
    Amazingly for that BB OS bug, a user needs an app for fix.
    Much appreciate the help. Thanx.

    Posted via my Z10
    08-20-15 07:21 AM

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