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    Hi folks,

    I thought I'd ask this here although it may be a bit more technical than the average user scenario. Please feel free to move to the appropriate forum section if needed.

    I want to access my BB10 phone filesystem through a web browser from my computer or another legacy phone over a local IP on my wifi. For example, usually that involves running a web server on the phone or some app that will allow you to browse to the phone's IP on your local network which will then display folders and files. This is basically the same idea as how you can browse the files on your phone using the web-browser through file:///.... only that I want to do it from another device.

    Now I know BB10 has WebDav capabilities and SMB for file-sharing, and I have done that already with devices that support those protocols.... but I want to access my phone's files using a legacy device that does not have fileshare-networking capabilities. For example, my old legacy BlackBerry Curve 8900 cannot use a Bluetooth file share connection to the BB10 (that service is not supported) so to transfer files wirelessly I thought I could invoke a web-server in the BB10 and then just browse to the BB10 phone by going to the phone's IP on the local network, through the Curve 8900's browser to see the files and download whichever I needed.

    One thread suggested to install BGshell, which I did, and launch a webserver using Python3.2 or something along those lines... I have a feeling I need to install some Python source libraries first before I can get that happening, and I'm not sure about the steps.

    Alternatively, I am wondering if there is a native BB app or probably some Android apps that have the same function. Anyone have any experience with this? It would be especially intriguing if I could get Python source up and running with BGshell since there are lots of cool stuff you could do.

    06-30-14 12:27 PM
  2. EdY's Avatar
    Hey, I prematurely posted... I just figured it out after a bit more hacking away.... The command is (drumroll please):

    python3.2 -m http.server

    Then I was able to get to my phone using a local IP from my computer to access my directories and files. Woohoo! Did I tell you how much I love BlackBerry????? Freakingly awesome.... And big kudos to BGshell creator for making this app available for FREE.
    06-30-14 12:33 PM

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