1. TammamXDetective's Avatar
    Today I sow one of my friends have BlackBerry 10
    So I ask hem

    When u update your BlackBerry Q10 to 10.3.1 did u face any problem with volume of notification and calls + alarm sound?
    He told me it works better than before and the sound is match higher than 10.2.1 and everything works fine except bbm ID he can't access to ID so he lost his contacts


    How he had volume of notification louder in front I had it lower

    ( device are same with no difference)

    Some one expand it to me

    Q10 SQN100-3 / Os
    02-22-15 08:39 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Every device is different. Louder and lower are relative terms. Your friend thought it was louder, most people say it is NOT as loud. That's the explanation.
    02-22-15 11:19 AM

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