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    Any chance that someone is familiar with an issue I have and can help me to find a repairer or seller of Blackberry 9720s that can help me out please?

    I have several new Blackberry 9720s and the keypad starts qwertz instead of the qwerty that I am used to. They are OS 7.1, which I am used to. But, when I open up BBSAK to remove some of the cod files that I need to remove to set them up as handsets to issue out, I notice that the cod files I need to remove are not there ) net_rim_bb_browser_daemon, net_rim_bb_qm_api etc.
    I have checked the settings on the phones and they are the same as what I am familiar with (OS 7.1) and I am at a loss to understand why the cod files look completely different to those that I am usually working with.
    The only clue I have is that when I first started the phones up they were reading in Austrian and I had to select English as a set up option. I have messaged the guys at BBSAK to ask if they offer a service to set up each one for me but have had no response, so if anyone here knows of a Crackberry user who wants to sort them out for me I will be happy to enter into a discussion and pay well for each handset repaired?
    Heres hoping,
    11-19-16 11:30 AM

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