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    Hello, I bought BlackBerry Passport SE a week back and it is up2date with latest updates. I am from India, Delhi and have Airtel 4G sim card. Although my passport is 4G compatible, it show 4G signal but while making/receiving calls it lost the signals and shows red bar in signals . Please note 2G works just fine. I tried inserting my sim card in another Android phone, and it detected LTE network i.e 4G network without any issues and also showed correct download speed. Can someone please advise what could be the problem here? Just FYI my phone has "Network Mode" set to 4G & 3G & 2G. I even tried it setting to 4G & 3G but no signals. The same sim card works perfect on another Android phone at same location, so I dont think it could be 4G signal strength issue. Any help greatly appreciated.. Thanks.
    11-06-16 06:32 AM
  2. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    It's NOT your device. It's an issue you should take up with your carrier.
    Depending on your location to a tower to what direction your facing to which way the wind is blowing and what day of the week it is...
    all are reasons that you won't always have 4G.
    You see, the device is capable of receiving up to 4G. That doesn't mean you'll automatically receive that signal, depending on some of the things i mentioned above.

    You've mentioned "in another "android" phone. Do you have an Android OS or BB10 on your Passport
    Comparing your Blackberry to an Android isn't going to give you the same readings.
    If you're really worried you should compare it with another Blackberry or return it for another Passport.
    But why spend the money on such a quality device just to put an inferior OS on it?
    I've heard some rumors here in the states that you could get an Android based Passport but never confirmed it.

    If you want I have a friend who makes custom foil hats that he swears increases the reception.
    I can check with him on Monday during visiting hours if you'd like.
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    11-06-16 07:08 AM
  3. bilahari's Avatar
    What service provider are you using? BB Passport supports bands upto 2100 Mhz. There are few service providers who uses 2300Mhz. Do check that.
    11-06-16 07:44 AM
  4. Anurag Dabholkar's Avatar
    It's a problem with Airtel.. I have it too.. but Vodafone and idea work perfectly.. try using some other network sim to test.. also ask Airtel their band.. hopefully yu have bought correct phone which works on the india 4g band..

    BlackBerry Bold 9790 user Z30 fan nd a Proud Passport SE user nd looking up for Porsche soon
    11-06-16 08:28 AM

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