1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I have looked all over the phone for the number tried various possibles with no result.
    The PC finds the phone fine but demands this number where and what is it.
    I have looked in the about section the pin number there is of no use.
    If it was a normal router it would be on the back.
    11-17-16 09:08 AM
  2. JuiciPatties's Avatar
    I"m not sure I understand the question. Perhaps a screenshot would help others diagnose the issue better. Have you tried to enter your device password?
    11-17-16 09:12 AM
  3. thurask's Avatar
    It should just be your device password, no?

    Are you connecting over USB, WiFi or Bluetooth?
    11-17-16 09:44 AM
  4. Uzi's Avatar
    Could be your bbid password?
    11-17-16 09:47 AM
  5. Robert1944's Avatar
    Tried that ,so obvious that I did not think of it ,however it still will not connect but it did get further "unable to get the network settings from the router " is the state of play now. I assume this is down to my service provider.
    Wi fi connection. Thanks
    11-17-16 09:54 AM

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