1. Omolade adekoya's Avatar
    Plss I need help fast.I upgraded my z10 to 10.3 yesterday. I installed some apllications after that. When my battery went flat and it came on later,The Operating system had reset itself. I put it Off again to be sure but when I put it on again. The phone had reset. The whole system memory was empty. No pictures Or applications.What can I do?

    Posted via CB10
    11-05-14 11:41 AM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    Well, I do hope you have backed up all your stuff (images, music, vids,contacts etc) before you installed the leak.
    That way, you can put it back once you decide which OS to use. Leaks can/have little issues, as in features disabled/hobbled.
    What I would do if I were you, re-install the official OS (10.2.xxxx) and get your device stable, (this can take a day or two for the OS to settle down from indexing/compiling etc). Install your docs/images etc. and get your device happy again (it was happy on 10.2.xxx correct?). OS10.3.xxxx is coming out to the rest of the devices (Z10/30, Q10), in a month or two, and just wait for the official release of 10.3.
    The Passport was released with OS10.3.xxxx on device release)
    11-05-14 01:33 PM

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