1. rarsen's Avatar
    I called Bell Support today to assure that the <Voice over LTE> and <LTE video calling> on my KEY2 was properly working. As I wasn't holding much faith to what previously a Bell Store salesman assuring me, that though my phone was indicating <IMS settings, not connected> that since I was already using LTE they were automatically working ????? And I was told that like the Bell site page, no BlackBerry phone is listed as able to use <Wi-Fi Calling> on their Network, presently restricted to certain Apple, LG and Samsung models with possibility of other brands in the future....

    So today the gentle Bell Support remotely connected my<IMS settings>, <LTE video calling> and <Wi-Fi calling> all available at no additional cost on my existing rate plan. So I am now a happy camper.

    My question now is how to I proceed to verify with tests that the <Wi-Fi Calling is really working, way before when I may need it?
    01-26-19 07:29 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Open settings, search for WiFi calling and enable it to always. Then shut off your mobile network and try to place a call.
    01-26-19 11:11 PM
  3. rarsen's Avatar
    Still no Wi-Fi activation for BlackBerries on BELL, waiting that ROGERS being delayed but now planned for February 19th so can go back to BELL and remind them that they are lagging again... Probably playing games as Apple is an important partner for BELL and they use the argument that they first address those with the larger market shares&%$#@

    Article from another thread on CB as we wait, wait and wait,
    How to get Wi-Fi Calling on BlackBerry KEY2
    02-18-19 11:38 AM

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