1. supertom's Avatar

    Where do I go to buy some BlackBerry Swag? Ideally, I'd like to buy several t-shirts with simple designs in multiple colors at around ~$10ea if possible. I'd also love to sport some hoodies, t-shirts, and even a mesh backpack (for my workout gear) if they were available at a good price.

    Back in ~2009ish when I worked for Radioshack selling cellphones, we had a BlackBerry rep come by every once in a while to give us these cool BlackBerry Lanyards (of which I've used for several years on my keychain) so I'd love to buy some more gear!
    01-05-18 02:50 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    eBay or make friends with some BlackBerry reps or, the harder road, make your own.
    01-05-18 03:07 PM

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