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    5G seems to be a very major generator of possibilities, what do you make of it and when will it become available on smartphones?
    03-12-18 05:39 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Still too early to care. All players are still in testing stages and you won't see it in devices until 2019 and even then, you'll be limited by providers/OEM availability. Plus, if history has taught us anything, the first batch of devices that roll out will have their own set of issues that will need to be worked out. 2020 will bring a more robust landscape and a real look at the situation.

    Don't get me wrong and think I'm saying I don't care about it or we shouldn't care about it, it has the potetntial to bring a lot of awesomeness to the table but every evolutionary jump makes those same promises, meanwhile some folks still struggle to get their 1080p videos to work on their now 14 year old, widely available, robust standard of 4G LTE. Nevermind being able to download 4K videos without having to start the download one day, with the intent to watch it the next.

    Aside from allllll of that, believe it or not, there's also political issues at play here that could affect how fast 5G gets rolled out, especially in the US. Right now, Huawei, which happens to be a HUGE investor in 5G, is having issues with the Government and now Trump just blocked Broadcom's bid to take over Qualcomm. So, yeah, lots to work out when it comes to 5G haha!
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    03-12-18 05:57 PM
  3. stlabrat's Avatar
    6-8 month before 2020 is my guess based on IEEE white paper of 5G roadmap. IEEE Releases Details About Its 5G and Beyond Roadmap - IEEE - The Institute

    apple already prepare for the itune - stream only, no download for content...(you can only do that with sufficient large pipe network...otherwise, end like CNN on cable, delay and intermittent on video reporting). In addition, be aware of fake 5G phone currently on market, those are best 4G+, not really 5G (at least not tested for 5G network speed for all required test, including EMI interference, since it is in the different frequency). IMHO. I remain to be corrected if someone know the fully tested 5G handset currently on market (not demo or prototype)... please also included set of testing methods (no data, just list of compliance, with pass/fail... not internal std).
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    03-12-18 07:11 PM
  4. deano44's Avatar
    o2 in the uk are well into testing but suggest it will be early 2019 when available here. this I think will only roll out in the London area first though.
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    03-13-18 12:35 PM

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