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    Should we number all of our questions like this in the title, OR might it be better to put the actual question or the highlights of the question in the title so you have so idea what the thread is about BEFORE you click in? (this is sort of a rhetorical question)

    Third Question for Bla1ze!-flat-800x800-075-f.u3.jpg
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    01-24-17 03:48 PM
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    While i do see a question I'm relieved that it's rhetorical because well, I'll put it as gently as i can and because i respect you, not because you're the team leader of Mobile Nations but because while you told yourself to just delete the post you stood fast and left it intact.

    So, I say to you... What are you talking about? It looks like English but reads like a foreign language. I can't make heads or tails over it.
    I'm just thankful it's rhetorical and......

    oh wadaya know! You were addressing Chris.

    Disregard this post. I'm heavily medicated therefore I can't be held responsible for anything i may say or do regarding this particular post!
    But I love how you put the pressure on Chris giving us the impression that he would know better than you. Good move.

    by the way.. I love what you've done with the place!!
    01-24-17 04:40 PM
  3. pkcable's Avatar
    I was making a point! I used BAD humor!

    Also I'm no longer the Team Leader. (I'm still involved, but on a more global level with all of Mobile Nations) Matt Howard, or Howarmat is the new Mod Team Leader. He took over for me around May or June.

    I'm the Q&A Jedi!
    01-24-17 04:43 PM
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    Haha! you do you Rich.
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    01-25-17 01:04 PM

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