1. dougwong's Avatar

    I am new to this and appreciate any answers to my question: Is there a way to remap the Power and Convenience keys on the BlackBerry KEY 2? It seems ergonomically wrong to place the Power button where your thumb would normally rest when holding the phone. It would be great if the two can be switched.

    01-08-19 06:57 AM
  2. dakusama's Avatar
    Hello doug,

    well - it is ergonomic to put the Power Key to where your thumb is, so you don't have to do some weird acrobatics to turn your phone on and off. If you come from a KeyOne, it will take some time to adjust.

    The Power Key and Convenice Key cannot be switched.

    You can program the Convenice Key in your settings.
    01-08-19 08:27 AM
  3. dougwong's Avatar
    Thanks! I realized after using the phone for a bit that the power key wakes the phone from sleep mode so it makes sense to have it where it is. However, weird acrobatics are required to use the convenience key because of the location. A good solution might be making the power key just turn the phone on and off and moving it down to where the convenience key is now located. Then set the convenience key so that a short press wakes up the phone and a long press activates what it's been programmed to do which, in my case, is the voice command which I loved when I had the Torch. I'm old school and still miss the trackpad on the early Blackberry phones - lol.
    01-09-19 12:18 AM

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