1. rmatter's Avatar
    If anyone has advice: My 2016 STV100-1 Priv, up to date with 6.0.1 will freeze several times per day. I mean sometimes every 10 inutes of use! It requires the 32 second battery disconnect hold every time. SImple restarts will only return to a frozen screen on startup. Also when working, it will often black out on it's own, like an instant shut off at least two or three times a day as well, requiring a restart that always results in a frozen screen, requiring another 32 sec restart just to make a phone call. I've done two factory resets already and to no avail. What other options are there? I haven't even finished payments. It is rediculous.
    Thanks in advance.
    04-04-18 12:48 PM
  2. mcelotto's Avatar
    One thing I did on my Priv was got rid of Facebook and Messenger and replaced them with the lite versions. I found that helped alot.
    04-04-18 05:02 PM
  3. Bla1ze's Avatar
    If you've done resets and all of that, then chances are it's a hardware issue. If you're still making payments, that likely also means your device replacement standards are still in place. Get it replaced.
    04-05-18 07:10 AM
  4. rmatter's Avatar
    Thanks. I'm not using the FB app, or Messenger. The device isn't insured with my ATT account and Blackberry.com doesn't recognize the IMEI in their contact page and they have no telephone contact info. Meanwhile it was ordered brand new from ATT. Now this phone freezes minute to minute. It's unusable. A garbage product and garbage service. What alternatives are there?
    04-05-18 02:06 PM

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