1. theredical1's Avatar
    Hi, I'm just wondering if I should have the battery replaced? I had 2% battery left...plugged it in to charge but it didn't charge and now I cannot turn it back on.

    I have a lot of information in my Priv that I can no longer access. If I do replace the battery will I lose the information on the device?

    Thank you!
    08-28-18 08:10 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I assume you have tried different chargers and cables...

    It's possible it's the battery, also possible it's the power unit.... a repair shop might be able to check it without ordering a battery, but then their fee might be as much as your simple replacing it.

    The battery going dead should not have caused any data loss... so if you get it working it should be fine. But hopefully you have been using the backup features in the phone so your data loss should be very limited even if you don't get the phone going.
    08-28-18 09:17 AM

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