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    I'm trying to backup my data, specifically my text messages. However, my circle and square buttons aren't working. The Playstore won't seem to let me download anything to the device.

    I'm now running Android 8.1.1 and it seems this issue has happened to others. I called the BlackBerry hotline and they said backup and do a factory reset. However the date on the Google backup of Android messages is September. Does anyone know how to "force" a Google backup? I use Textra for SMS/MMS, because all of my messages are there. Textra claims they send backups to Android messages, but I've read horror stories of messages missing online. I'd like to install one of the other backup apps. Is there a way to sideload it while the phone is acting this buggy? I'm so annoyed this happened just as I've had the phone for one year. My old BlackBerry's never did this.

    I've also tried numerous restarts and it hasn't helped. Unfortunately there's some bug that seems to be in the BB software because the Hub isn't refreshing, Google Playstore won't even update existing apps (or let me download a backup app) nor are the circle and square buttons working.

    I deleted almost all non-standard apps from the phone in hopes the freed up memory would help upon restart, but nothing. That did help with upgrading the OS to Android 8.1.1 but it was very weird how I had to make that happen (it showed there were no system updates, but the DTEK app said the OS was out of date).

    I'm incredibly frustrated by this whole experience. I'd just like to ensure I can backup my SMS messages.

    Any recommendations to secure my data before what seems to be an inevitable factory reset? I'd take the phone somewhere in NYC if that meant I could get help.
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    10-20-18 05:30 PM
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    I had the same nagging problem for many months. People said it was just me. It went away a couple months ago, I think after an upgrade.
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    10-20-18 05:58 PM
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    I had the same nagging problem for many months. People said it was just me. It went away a couple months ago, I think after an upgrade.
    Was the attached "bug" what you had? For the months it wasn't working, did you have to delete apps and experience syncing problems? My BB Hub isn't working except for showing calls and texts. The email boxes and WhatsApp notifications are all gone from Hub and when swiping down. Are you again able to download stuff from Playstore? This is ridiculously frustrating to me.
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    10-22-18 09:03 PM

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