1. chernove's Avatar
    Hi Bla1ze, I was hoping you could tell me if the Copy+Paste keyboard shortcuts are lost now that the Key2 replaced the right Shift key with the Speed Key?
    06-12-18 10:17 AM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Hi Bla1ze, I was hoping you could tell me if the Copy+Paste keyboard shortcuts are lost now that the Key2 replaced the right Shift key with the Speed Key?
    Of course not. You can remap the currency key to ctrl if you prefer.
    06-12-18 10:39 AM
  3. chernove's Avatar
    Great! Thank you for the clarification.
    06-12-18 10:48 AM
  4. sorgo's Avatar
    Any good advice for the $ key? I am disappointed that when remapping the currency key to ctrl, there's no easy way to type the dollar sign. Even pressing the sym key brings up the virtual keyboard for symbols, but pressing the $ key does nothing. I need to touch the screen. This could be easily solved by adding an exception for the ctrl mapping when the sym keyboard is displayed.
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    07-12-18 10:24 PM
  5. gizmo21's Avatar
    I don't own the K2 but with Priv you can add a custom SYM layout and let it open as first of the 3 sym layouts. There you could perhaps set $ to any other key so that e.g. PKB SYM+D will get $. SYM+currency key even has a bug on Priv so I guess it also won't work on K2 (as there it is on CTRL for you then), but you have plenty others o choose.

    For more info go to BlackBerry App help pages on keyboard or search the forum for 'custom symbol layout'
    07-12-18 11:47 PM
  6. chernove's Avatar
    That does sound a bit awkward. You could create a word substitution to, for example, convert "dd" to $. Then when you need a $, all you'd have to do is type "dd"+space and then backspace to type the numbers next to the $. The description may sound a little cumbersome, but once you develop the muscle memory for it, it could be almost as quick as having the dedicated $ key again.
    07-13-18 05:36 AM
  7. gizmo21's Avatar
    Well typing dd<space><backspace>100 seems to be on par to or more complicated than SYM+d100, so I don't know what's awkward about both solutions.
    07-13-18 03:18 PM
  8. Rhubarb_b's Avatar
    I have read the confusing user manual (where currency key is called custom key) and a few threads on this forum but I still can't make my currency key work with c (copy) and v (paste). I have: 1) gone into Settings > shortcuts & gestures > customize the currency key: set to ctrl, 2) gone to System > Language and input > keyboard settings > Blackberry keyboard > Advanced > tried both with "Keyboard ctrl key" toggled on and off (not sure what the ?123 key is?), but holding down the currency key and the pressing "c" or "v" (after selecting a word) does nothing. Please can someone help, I am probably missing something obvious?
    11-29-18 12:22 PM

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