1. Elio66's Avatar
    I'm currently with Virgin Mobile, I have a blackberry passport, which I use for work and I have the priv for personal use. I'm going to replace them both, and I would like to get the black key2 for my work phone, I buy the phones unlocked.

    So my problem is I can't go to Roger's, Bell, or Tellus , because I'm not dealing with them, I'm with Virgin and they won't sell the unlocked Key2. Unless I sign up with them, and Bell requires a new number, which will be a problem with all my business cards and letter head have my current work number!

    This doesn't seem fair that if I want the black key2 I'm forced to sign up with another company at a higher premium.

    What can I do?

    07-25-18 12:28 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    - Wait until the black unlocked becomes available in Canada officially.
    - Buy from somewhere else such as PDA Plaza - https://pdaplaza.ca/collections/blac...ctory-unlocked
    - Settle for Silver
    - Burn the world. Lifes not fair and humanity is in the toilet anyway.
    07-25-18 12:45 PM

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