1. PsihoKey2's Avatar
    Starting from today, outlook email notification stoped ariving ...
    The email arrives, but notification shows only if I wake screen (I know email arrived already because I see '5min ago or 25min ago or such), and yet on notification is 'now' because notification arrives when I wake screen.
    I have 2 other emails inside Hub and they arrive correctly.
    All my settings are correct, no doubt.
    Anyone have experienced this problem?
    Why is this? Can I fix this somehow?
    09-14-19 04:13 PM
  2. PsihoKey2's Avatar
    well I solved my own issue.
    removed outlook account, then reinstalled it, did 40sec reset, cleared cash of Inbox(Hub), BBHUb+ , Blackberry Launcher, android system...
    I don't know what from all this worked, but something did.
    09-15-19 05:17 AM

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