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    My display on my KetOne BB on android is black with a green vertical line on it. The access screen will not display the locked screen to type my password in so I cannot access the device or connect it to my PC. Seems like the screen is fried.It does vibrate though when I try to reboot, but again, I cannot see the rebooting images because the screen is black.

    What can I do to retrieve the information on the device memory? I have txt messages, music files, photos and many notes. Normally I can connect to my PC but I think I need to unlock the KeyOne but the unlock screen is not visible. I bought the new KeyTwo this weekend, but of course realize now I cannot transfer the content because I cannot get into the device.

    Can anyone help me? I have all my photos of my family from last week's vacation and some passwords I need to retrieve. Also messages and precious notes, babysitter info and contacts all sitting on my device.....I know....it's so stupid I still work with device memory and even more stupid to not have it all recently backed up....
    dumbledumb Michelle
    12-01-19 04:23 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Android comes with a pretty good cloud backup system... if you fully enabled it. Setting up the KEY2 would be a matter of selecting restore during setup and it syncing with Google Drive and Google Photos.

    If not, only thing I can think of is to buy a new screen for the KEYone and get it replaced.

    Should always have a worse case backup plan... what happens if the device is lost or stolen.
    12-02-19 08:37 AM
  3. Bla1ze's Avatar
    You really just need to set up the new device, restore the backup Google would have created and then see what you need that is still missing. If it's things you ABSOLUTELY must have then you'll want to look at getting a screen replacement. Seems to me I saw a thread the other where the displays were cheap on eBay and the person took it to UBREAKIFIX for the repair, cost a grand total of $70 for everything.
    12-02-19 09:09 AM

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