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    I was rereading one of my favorite articles on CrackBerry (as one does) and I wondered a couple different things.

    1. Would Umi be interested in making a brief comeback to CrackBerry to share his thoughts on all the changes BlackBerry has gone through recently and what he thinks of the progress that's been made in BlackBerry's pivot into software?
    2. Would you maybe consider writing an editorial looking revisiting the Citron report from a couple years ago?

    As you can guess from the questions, the favorite article in question was the response article Umi wrote to the released Citron Report (What I think about the very bullish Citron report on BlackBerry | CrackBerry.com) where they were basically saying that they thought analysts writing off BlackBerry were wrong. Seeing as how Citron generally focused on releasing reports on how companies were overvalued, this was a big deal, because they were basically taking the opposite stance one would have expected when reporting on BlackBerry.

    I think it would just be interesting to bring Umi back to participate in all the anniversary shenanigans and get a fresh look and a company who between acquisitions, licensing agreements, and directive changes is very different from the company that was being reviewed back in 2014 when the article was written.

    Bonus points if you contact Andrew Left at Citron and invite him to a podcast or Upstream with Umi so they can talk about what's changed and if they still have the same outlook.

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    02-12-17 11:12 AM
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    I dunno about anything else, but we're trying to get Umi back for a podcast. Stay tuned!
    02-12-17 05:17 PM
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    Cool cool. I could settle for that

    Thank you!

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    02-12-17 11:38 PM