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    I'm sorry but the YouTube Adds "Skip in 5 Seconds" have more potential then those weak BlackBerry adds. Yes the old guy who works for BlackBerry seems like a nice guy BUT nice will only get you so far. We got rid of the CEO's and that did absolutely Nothing for the company. The problem with BlackBerry is the marketing staff, kick them to the curb and let's get a team who knows what their doing. It's really that simple and until they try it I hope I don't hear "oh like you know how to run a company". Yes in fact I think I can do a better job.

    Why did WP all of a sudden catch up? They had the tiles for awhile and have done NOTHING different to the phone EXCEPT for their marketing the past few months. If people don't realise that marketing is the key then those people are still stuck in the 90's. You can have the dumbest of smartphones with good marketing it will sell. Kids are the future and they will buy or ask their parents to buy anything with good marketing and then the chain reaction starts. That is fact. Gohead bash me like I don't know what I'm talking about BUT watch what happens to BlackBerry without marketing. They have done everything else PERFECT but without marketing they will go no where.

    People ask me why isn't BlackBerry doing well and I don't have an answer but to say no one knows how good it is people still think BlackBerry is the same old BlackBerry, no body hasn't given it a chance (I wonder why?)

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    09-12-13 12:35 PM
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    FYI I worked for a wireless carrier and when customers come in with the kids all you hear is the kids begging mom to buy the iphone and guess what she ends up with an iphone. I have seen it over 200 times within the past 2 years that's my facts

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    09-12-13 12:39 PM
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    "than" is the word you were looking for

    at that time; at the time in question.
    "I was living in Cairo then"
    synonyms: at that time, in those days;

    I agree that bad marketing has been one of the biggest downfalls of the BlackBerry brand.

    Im glad that BB is moving jobs to the U.S. so that they can increase here.
    09-12-13 12:43 PM
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    BlackBerry is a World phone meaning not everyone speaks English that well. I'm from Poland was raised in the Caribbean "lots of slang" and now living in the US sorry for the errors. Expect proper English from an Isheep not a BlackBerry user lol

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