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    Let's say in 2012 Mr Chen took over the company instead of Heins... what direction/position do you think RIM/Blackberry would be in today? What would be different today?
    Not a negative thread. Not a positive thread. Just asking based on what we have seen from Chen so far.

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    02-27-14 12:38 AM
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    Many good people would still be employed.
    02-27-14 12:51 AM
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    Stock price above 25$....Big enterprises signing all over the world.
    Hens was hard working but not smart or had any experience.

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    02-27-14 07:57 AM
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    No telling. . .so far so good however.
    02-27-14 08:02 AM
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    Meh, who cares about what-if scenarios based in the past.

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    02-27-14 08:05 AM
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    Chen isn't a dictator - he still has to follow the wishes of the Board, and who's to say that Heins wasn't restricted in his actions by what the board wanted? It seems pretty clear that he was mostly focused on continuing the plans that Mike and Jim laid out, and remember he was Mike and Jim's hand-picked successor, which likely means he was told "these are the things you need to focus on" before being given the job.

    The one thing I blame on Heins was the poor marketing - he should have fired Frank for spending BB's money making those ads, and absolutely should have never paid to run them - they were AWFUL, and not at all what BB needed.

    Otherwise, Heins did what anyone else would do: he got BB10 launched, even though it wasn't ready, and even though it was already late. It wasn't Heins' fault that Mike and Jim took years to even plan a new system, and that they then spent years working on the Playbook instead of focusing on phones, putting them so many years behind the curve. He inherited that, and it greatly limited his options.

    Remember too that Heins is the one who worked out the deal with Foxconn and got the Jakarta project going - Chen even said the deal was already done and just waiting for him to sign off on it the day he was hired.

    I'm not saying that Chen doesn't seem to have a good handle on things, because for the most part, he does. What I'm saying is that, other then the awful advertising campaign (something of a BB tradition), Thor made the right choices, and may well have come to exactly the same conclusions as Chen, even if he wasn't always allowed to act on them. After a shake-up like the near-sale of the company, they're going to give the new guy a much more open slate to try new things, because at that point, what have they got to lose?

    The point is: far too many people want to blame Thor for things that are really the fault of Mike and Jim. For some reason, no one ever seems to hold those two accountable, when they did 95% of the damage.
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    02-27-14 10:46 AM

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