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    Just a friendly suggestion here. To have fun with all the doom and gloom that is going on, Crackberry should have a contest to guess where the company will end up. By November 2013 or whenever a deal is reached, Crackberry could award a prize to a winner(s).

    My guess is the company is divvied up with the hardware going to Lenovo and The software (BBM, BB10, Bes10 & QNX) being bought by Fairfax Financial, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Bain Capital.

    Huawei and Samsung have said they will not be pursuing Blackberry. Microsoft has said they are keeping an eye on Blackberry. I doubt they will do anything, because they need to focus on making the Nokia deal work.

    What's your guess? Cisco? HP? Amazon? Facebook? There are plenty of different scenarios.
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    09-08-13 09:32 PM
  2. seanwplandry's Avatar
    Could see Cisco buying them and focusing on the the software they want. I think that would be the end of BlackBerry devices

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    09-08-13 09:36 PM
  3. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Too early to say at this point and companies have been known to change their minds - if the price is right.
    09-08-13 09:43 PM
  4. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    My guess:

    The following will be made independent and some or all sold off:

    • QNX
    • BBM
    • BES10 & NOC

    The smartphone operations will cease, as no one is interested in that part of the business (either the hardware or BB10 OS). It won't be sold, and BB will either disappear or will keep one of the above lines of business (most likely BES10) and continue as an MDM provider.
    09-08-13 10:40 PM
  5. sergey_IL's Avatar
    My guess:

    BlackBerry goes private and continue business as usual. Don't see the reason why they should sell their hardware manufacturing. Many people like their build quality, but don't like BIS or immaturity of BB10.
    At least for me, BIS always stopped me from joining BB.
    09-09-13 08:19 AM

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