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    A question and comment, regarding this new Forum...

    I think the Armchair CEO thing makes for a cute title, but is not an entirely appropriate, or relevant one. As we all know, armchair quarterbacks are the talentless slobs who sit at home and yell at Michael Vick, asking him why he didn't see the massive hole behind him, or why he didn't just jump over the rushing lineman and sprint to the endzone. This doesn't seem to be what has been happening for the most part.

    The difference of course, is that unlike an armchair quarterback, most of us are actually on the field, metaphorically speaking. We ARE consumers, and we are living and moving amongst other potential consumers.

    Where people are commenting on unrealistic demands or expectations, or complex internal maneuvers they haven't got a clue about, perhaps there is some armchairism going on. But when members of the PUBLIC state that the CEO or BlackBerry team are doing nothing to connect with the PUBLIC, that is not 'armchairism'.

    I mentioned in another post that this BlackBerry 10 launch has reminded me of a man who has brought home a fantastic new television in order to enjoy the Big Game, and then ALMOST plugged it in, before wondering why on earth it isn't working. I think that sums the BlackBerry approach up quite well.

    Does that really make me an armchair CEO, or simply an unsatisfied shareholder and BlackBerry supporter?

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    08-18-13 06:08 AM
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    I have read a lot of complaints to the title of the forum. Is it a bit cheeky? Sure, in good fun. Is it offensive? I don't find it so.

    I think the problem is not so much with offering an opinion, but there are so many "BlackBerry needs to......" or "Blackberry should.....", some with unrealistic expectations or solutions, that collectively they could be viewed as armchair CEOing, if that's a verb. We all have opinions, but really, unless I sit at the board meetings I'm on the outside looking in.

    Do I have opinions as to what should be done? Oh lordy yeah. Do I have opinions as to what they did wrong? Ha!!!!! Yah. But I am in fact sitting on the sidelines, are are those of us who are not in a position to effect change within the organisation. To use your analogy, we are on the field because we are customers who contribute to the bottom line, but not within the huddle to determine the play.
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    08-18-13 07:06 AM

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