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    I've had it with the way this company has been managed and the deployment of the devices and XBBM. I came from an iphone after doing some research on what BB10 was and offered, had never owned a BB before. I love the Z10 and BB10 (it's a great OS!). I also did some research and due diligence on the financial side of the company and bought some shares. Albeit not a lot but enough for a small investor. They have totally F'd everything up in the last 6 months and more so in the last few weeks. Such bad decision making that they have almost pushed me far enough to go back to an iphone. It seems from the outside that TH and BoD are just in it for themselves to make themselves richer by selling the company and killing any value the market sees in the company.

    There are so many things that could have been done better. For one we all know there should have been more marketing. Why spend 3m on a superbowl commercial when the product isn't even on the shelf to sell for 3 months. If people actually had it in their mind to check the phones out, they forgot about BB the second they walked in a store and didn't see them. That is just one big mistake, there are lots of others but I don't have the energy to put them all down and know that crackberry users know them all already. They don't need to be repeated.

    I'm out as a share holder now with a rather large lose in my world but I'm going to stick around for awhile longer to see what happens with 10.2, Z30 and XBBM. Although now I'm not sure if any of the 3 will be released. They need to move quickly on things now if they want to retain any sort of user base. It's sad and I'm disappointed but at a certain point you have to give in and move on...
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    09-26-13 07:08 AM
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    All I can say is, you might as well hang on for the ride now. 10.2 will be released, and the Z30 has. There is still hope.
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    09-26-13 07:31 AM
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    While I can understand your anger and disappointment, your reaction is somewhat over the top. I agree the management sucks and BlackBerry lately has become the meaning of fail, yet that doesn't affect your phones performance. It still does everything you bought it for, there is a new OS version on the horizon and it hasn't been crippled in any way.
    So the only reason to ditch your phone would be a self-justifying "**** you" towards BlackBerry, not a rational reaction due to a faulty device...

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    09-26-13 07:33 AM
  4. ranzabar's Avatar
    Remember, if you're going through hell, whatever you do, don't stop.

    Posted via my BlackBerry Z10
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    09-26-13 10:22 AM
  5. dblcup's Avatar
    Totally agree with the OP. And did the exact same thing. I bought shares in the beginning of the year based on bb10, the promise of apps and the company's financial condition. Little did I know that BlackBerry management would have no interest in actually trying to sell their new product. How inept guys like this con their way into such lucrative positions is beyond me. Yes, I'm talking to you FB and TH! Thanks for the the losses!!

    Posted via CB10
    09-26-13 08:17 PM

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