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    There is only one problem with Blackberry. Apps! not enough of them. The everyday ones. (BofA, Key Ring etc.) The phones work and work great. You don't need to compare phones, the BB are just as good or probably better then the others. Users want apps, not a great phone that works with no apps. How do you get a new user to BB when there is a lack of apps? (i'm talking OS10) How do you compare BB to Apple or Android? When BB doesn't how half the apps the other two have. I had more apps on my 9930 and 9850. I love the Z10 but sometimes wish I still had one of my OS7.1 phones. BlackBerry is losing customers and won't get new ones without having more everyday apps.
    P.S. I've never had another smartphone other then BB and I've had four of them.
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    There's a lot more wrong than apps
    09-20-13 06:25 PM
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    It's more the public perception of the brand. If people loved and we're excited about blackberry it would go hand n hand with developers also loving and being excited.

    A developer like Instagram still have people at their office like everybody else. The employees think of blackberry as being dead and they have friends and family who think the same.

    Getting Instagram (and any other apps)and pushing a headline in a few adds saying we got it won't change somebodies view on the company. They can get Instagram already on another device! So that's nothing new.

    This is the main challenge and I think Chris has a good opinion, they need a partnership of some kind to change public perception before the slightest thing can turn around

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