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    So long time ago (in internet years) Nokia had this "next billion" strategy, which basically said: Currently there are approximately 1 billions of mobile phone users, but we have this tremendous opportunity as this number will quickly double.
    Those next billion mobile phone users will be customers from countries which have drastically less purchasing power that what we in industry are used now, so very cheap devices, but still useful have to be developed and distributed.
    They later shifted emphasis toward smartphones.

    Nokia tried to adres challenge first with Meltemi project and after Meltemi was killed (Elop) by Asha line. Asha was somewhat successful, actually - in my opinion mostly due to tremendous brand power of Nokia in the third word countries.
    As you probably know, Microsoft will probably kill Asha line and the only remaining contenders on a market will be cheap androids and refurbished phones from rich countries.

    Now BlackBerry actually has a perfect product for the Next Billion. Any Curve / 97xx Bold type device. The challenge is as follows: could BlackBerry re-engineer one of OS7 devices so it production cost goes below USD 50 without sacrificing reliability? BlackBerry could probably sacrifice touchscreen to trim cost down. 2g/3g more than enough. Keep only rock solid keyboard.
    This device should be sold on cheap, so it generate small profit. His revenue stream will be BIS enabled tariff plans.
    Now I hear all those who complain that the plan doesn't include BB10,but trust me, the price is essential here as well as ability of OS7 to compress data.

    Also, most probably will ask, why this would be successful in the onslaught of the $200 Androids, which are definitely more modern that old OS7. A: Price. No wonder that Google is trying to claim this area before it will be too late.

    Beauty of this is that BlackBerry has all pieces in place:
    ? OS7 ability to be very easy on data usage and networks
    ? Agreements with all operators in those countries for BIS based plans providing sweet, sweet revenue to BlackBerry.
    ? Very good brand recognition in those countries
    ? Agreement with Foxconn who could probably take blueprints for older Curve and redesign it for el-cheapo components of today.
    ? Excellent OTA client in form of the BBM.

    Mr. Chen I available for offers to manage this project. :-)
    No, seriously I would love to...

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    08-04-14 11:20 AM
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    Sorry but BlackBerry can't do anything as cheap as all these sub $100 phone makers, even with FoxConn's help.... there just isn't any money there.

    So while everyone else is buying cheap Android that have Apps, you think people will want BBOS devices that don't? Been a while since I used a BBOS device... how have updates to app gone? Can you sideload Instagram or Candy Crush?

    Here in the US Carrier's are pricing BlackBerry plans higher than regular data plans - because it cost them more to provide them. If that trend spreads to other markets, how would that affect users desire to buy a BBOS BlackBerry?

    Data Compression - I don't know the real answer. But my data usage from BBOS to BB10 doubled... of course I've quadrupled my usage. But I've read a number of post here that most web data is already compressed, that there is very little additional compression that can be done.

    BBOS needs to DIE, so that BB10 can live... plan and simple.
    08-04-14 11:38 AM
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    The problem would be the BIS! Legacy BlackBerry OS must use BIS for data. Which might be an obstacle for this to happen. BIS is more expensive than regular data plan.
    08-04-14 11:39 AM
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    BlackBerry can't support two OSes for long. Therefore, they need to concentrate on the future, which is BB10.
    08-04-14 11:45 AM
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    Not a good idea seeing that Samsung just took a big hit last week based on poor sales of their cheaper smart phones. Why would BlackBerry be any more competitive in this area than Samsung?
    08-04-14 11:49 AM
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    I guess a 100-150$ blackberry with a light BB10 OS should be ok. Maybe with a Bold built. I don't like extra cheap phones, even in 3rd world markets, they are easily spooked by excessive low prices. I know that from my work. We have products for different price points. So normally when we make sales for the lowest end line, clients actually are afraid to buy because at some price points, even the most budget-aware clients will have their doubts over the product. So it's not about selling at the lowest price; it's about having the sweet price/quality point, like Blackberry did with the Z3 and now trying to do with another device that has nearly same specs as the z30 but at a lower price point. This strategy is much efficient and efficace for the product line. I am against <100$ blackberries.

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    08-04-14 12:04 PM
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    Right now, Team BB is busy finding the next million customers for this quarter.
    09-01-14 10:53 AM
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    Right now, Team BB is busy finding the next million customers for this quarter.
    One down.

    Just sent a Z10 to my brother as birthday gift.

    Happy Birthday, bro!


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    09-01-14 07:58 PM

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