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    If Apple on their MacBook Pro and Mac Pros computers can run parallels /boot camp in order to run windows and use windows apps...Once BlackBerry 10 (10.2.1) is officially released...run the add that basically says "need more apps?" go and download Android apps as well. So basically if Apple can run windows (huge marketshare) then BlackBerry 10 can also run Android (huge market share).

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    01-12-14 11:20 AM
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    I personally fear that BlackBerry is endangering it's future in mobile by putting such a strong focus on Android. If you have to rely on Android to do everything, why bother with BlackBerry? Further, why would anyone develop for BlackBerry if it's just another Android device? That will lead to little to no BlackBerry specific development, and even though the Android player runs well, it's not as fluid as native apps.
    01-12-14 10:11 PM
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    I disagree. Apps do not define a phone. I originally bought my Z10 because of the cell phone radios (way better than iPhone), battery life, user interface, security, and solid OS. It had all the apps that I needed or wanted at the time.

    The lack of apps when the Z10 first came out foiled a lot of sales. Now with the latest OS, I have installed two android apps just as easily as Blackberry apps (they were not available yet as native Blackberry apps). They seem to work just fine (except I cannot apply Blackberry security on them).

    This means the ability to run Android apps on Blackberry makes potential Android purchasers now potential Blackberry purchasers. If Blackberry could also run iPhone apps, it opens the market even further. This could mean even more phone sales and longevity for Blackberry. Would that mean that developers would stop developing for Blackberry? Would it matter? Probably not to many people.

    But as more and more people become aware of integrity and security issues with Android, or even iPhone, choosing to download apps from Blackberry World will become more important to help ensure we download secure apps. The pressure would remain from Blackberry users on developers to continue to write native Blackberry apps.
    03-30-14 08:44 AM
  4. Orange UK's Avatar
    (except I cannot apply Blackberry security on them)
    There it is in reversal^, marketing: 'BlackBerry, the worlds most secure internet*'

    *except its not anymore since we became a who-re..
    03-30-14 02:00 PM

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