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    What I took from yesterday's news:

    1. They're losing a billion dollars, and are going to try to recoup what little they can by having a fire sale of the z10. Is this of expected revenue?

    2. They're scaling back to a more appropriate employee count based on the lacking sales and revenue (about 3 years too late imo)

    3. This is what I'm sorta confused about. they said nowhere that they're putting bb10 into the ground, and didn't say that they're ceasing hardware sales or development, they're just accepting that they're going to be unable to take much market share away from Apple and Android platforms, and they're adjusting the payroll and staff as such.

    4. I just saw the post about the c series, so is there a chance we actually might see another bb10 handset?

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    09-21-13 07:37 AM
  2. amolaksinghgrewal's Avatar
    I doubt the company will be shutting down, if that's what you're asking.

    The Z30 is coming out, and yes, so will cheaper handset(s) running the BB10 OS be out, if rumors are to be believed.

    Based on their decision to provide the Messenger for iOS and Android, I will assume and say that yes, the bosses at BlackBerry might just have given up and reached the conclusion that increasing their market share would not be possible for them.

    As a consumer, one of the main reasons for this would be the applications and games. There aren't that many limitations, though. As a matter of fact, I am completely happy with whatever applications and games I have installed on my handset from the BlackBerry World, but then, a lot of people crave Instagram, and well, are too noob-ish to sideload their devices (including me, but I'm not too crazy about Instagram!).
    But as a businessman, I would say that whatever the company is doing, it is doing after considering long-term outputs. Somewhere down the line, we might just see something that could cause people to jump from Android/iOS to BlackBerry. I can't wait till the guys at BlackBerry release the Instagram app. I personally know a bunch of people who will leave their iPhones and buy either the Z10, or the Z30.
    09-22-13 10:31 AM

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