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    I'm posting this thread for two reasons:

    1. BlackBerry considering a quick sale by the end of November
    2. Numerous CB Forum posts concerning BB10 Marketing

    I'm fully aware of the various mistakes RIM/BlackBerry has made over the years, but, being a crazy-BlackBerry fan, I'd hate to see the company die. In my opinion, as well as the opinion of MANY CrackBerry members, one of the biggest problems BB has is marketing BB10. Over the months, CB members have pointed this out, but stopped there. Instead of posting another thread that points out a well-known problem, I suggest we formulate a solution. Since I became a member of this wonderful community, I realized that it's full of intelligent-loyal-BlackBerry enthusiasts (and a few Debby Downers and trolls). I propose we combine our intelligence and compose a list of marketing ideas that may improve the position of BB10. When the list is finalized, maybe Kevin (or someone who is closely connected to BB) can forward that list to the marketing department.

    I will be the first who will share an idea with you guys. Browsing through the forums, I observed two-interesting points in various posts:

    1. BB isn't giving consumers a good-enough reason to switch from Android or iOS
    2. Many people, including Sales Representatives at carrier stores, are pushing consumers away from BB by pointing its flaws (current market situation, lack of apps, etc) and never mentioning anything BBs do well and better than the competition

    In my opinion, the "Keep Moving" commercials that BB is putting out aren't that great. They show BB10 smartphones doing things all other smartphones can do. Without being a hardcore-BlackBerry fan or educated about the BB10 OS, it is nearly impossible to be motivated to switch by one of those commercials. Through the commercials, you see that BB10 smartphones send emails/texts, open MS Office documents, take pictures, perform voice and video chat through BBM, etc. You see these features and you say, "So what? I can do the same with my Android smartphone or iPhone." Even if you're interested and decide to inquire about BB10 at a carrier store, the representatives easily convince you to stay away by mentioning its flaws.

    Being in the position that they are in, I believe that BlackBerry should convince consumers to switch through the use of "attack ads." Most of us should remember Apple's "I'm a Mac" commercials. Those commercials pointed out flaws in the competition and showed how the product being advertised is much better and doesn't have the same flaw. For a completely-made-up example, the ad would say, "I'm a Mac and I don't get viruses, while Windows does." I believe that this route would give consumers a reason to switch or at least give BB10 a fair shot.

    The following is somewhat of an idea for an ad that BB can make. Please feel free to let me know if it's terrible/good or propose an improvement or your own idea for an ad.

    Imagine an ad that shows two people, one using a BB10 device and another using some other smartphone. BlackBerry can show, through real-life situations, the advantages of using BB10. For example, it's Christmas and both people have email, text, FaceBook, Twitter, and other notifications that they have to reply to. BB can show that with a BB10 device, the person can reply to all of the notifications from the HUB, while the other person is searching through grids of applications, trying to find them. For another example, pick a real-life situation in which you are taking a picture that must be perfect because you won't have another chance to take it. Then, show the two people taking the same picture and both getting a horrible shot. Finally, show how the BB10 device, through the use of the Time-Shift camera, corrects the picture, while the competition is stuck with the bad one.

    I think everyone gets the idea. No matter which option BB chooses, they must meet the following criteria:

    1. The ads should show situations that most people would be able to relate to and say, "That always happens to me!"
    2. The ads should show features that give people a reason to switch to BB10

    I know my examples are a little strange because there are ways to work around what I have said. For example, searching through grids of applications can be solved by using the pull-down notification panes on both Android and iOS. But I think it's okay for BB to exaggerate or even show a little-white lie. Apple has done this many times. Two examples come to mind:

    1. When Apple released the iPhone 4 and it was having connectivity problems because of the antenna placement, all they did was argue that all cell phones do that and gave a free-bumper case to iPhone 4 owners
    2. When Apple released the iPhone 5 and made it an incremental update, but changed the charging port, forcing consumers to buy an adapter or replace all of their accessories


    Thank you for reading!
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    09-08-13 07:03 PM
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    It'd be fun if we had the voice for the people who make the decision to hear. But I'm not living under the illusion that we do.

    In any case, I started this thread which scratches the surfaces if the countless marketing ideas that I know would appeal to the us consumer.


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    09-08-13 07:14 PM
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    I feel so stupid. As I was writing that post, I thought, "Why isn't there a post like this?" Anyways...I read your post. It was great and I completely agree with what you said. BB will always have its hardcore fans and Enterprise customers. They must keep those two-valuable groups happy, but at the same time, try to attract the general consumer. That is exactly why I agree with the ideas you proposed. Those ads would actually show the consumer how useful and efficient a BB10 device can make your life. If there is any way that Frank Boulben and his team can read these posts and actually execute effectively, BB10 may gain much more momentum.
    09-08-13 07:43 PM
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    I have a very difficult time discussing Blackberry's Marketing efforts without experiencing a significant level of disappointment. It clearly has not achieved the results we all expected and continues to fail to deliver the key product messages we all know will make Blackberry a success.

    IMHO, Blackberry Marketing has failed to engage with the individual buyer on a personal level and therefore has not been able to establish the emotional mind-set that leads to a purchase. All the current marketing seems to be placement centric (e.g. banners at baseball games) or quite frankly, very abstract general ads that fail to engage with buyers on any emotional level.

    For example; why don't they "play" on the low sales numbers by putting out ads based on, for example; product exclusivity, being the "Black Sheep" or swimming against the current ? No, instead be get very tutonic fast-paced funky ads that never quite says much and in the end does not create a relationship with a potential buyer.

    I was expecting all lot more from Frank B. and I believe he has had his shot and needs to go......
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    I agree. It frustrates me to see Apple make a few-small changes to a device, slap a new name on it, make a huge deal out of it, and sell millions, while BB creates two-completely-new smartphones that are running a brand new OS and markets them as nothing more than just plain-old BlackBerries.

    Apple definitely knows how to market its products. If I was Frank Boulben, I would gather the entire marketing department, sit them in a giant-conference room, go to apple.com, and watch all of their commercials and promotional videos. I'm hoping that after watching those videos, they would have a better idea of how to market properly.

    For example, if you haven't done so already, watch the iOS 7 promotional video. As I see it, this is the result of thousands of Apple employees working hard for an entire year...Apple introduces iOS 7:

    1. Take a couple of features from BB
    2. Take a couple of features from Android
    3. Add AirDrop
    4. Change the appearance and layout of most things in the OS, while leaving the majority of the UI unchanged

    DONE! But if you watch the video, you will realize how this is the next big innovation in Mobile Operating Systems. That is exactly why I said it is okay for BB to exaggerate BB10 features. Although there are various Burst Modes for cameras, make it seem like it is impossible to live without the Time-Shift Camera. Although it is still possible to type with one hand on other mobile OSs, show that flicking words is THE ONLY WAY we should message each other. Especially with 10.2 coming soon, the app gap will become smaller and the Instant-Action Notifications (I'm referring to the ones that pop-up at the top of the screen and you can reply without leaving the app) will be available.
    09-09-13 12:04 AM
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    Yeah, the marketing or lack thereof has been discussed many, many times on the forums. Also, due to the criticism Thor and others have received for the perception of dishonesty, exaggerating won't go very far. Otherwise, can't hurt. IMO.

    Posted via CB10
    09-09-13 12:24 AM
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    I'm posting this thread for two reasons:

    1. BlackBerry considering a quick sale by the end of November
    2. Numerous CB Forum posts concerning BB10 Marketing

    Thank you for reading!
    You are suggesting the Samsung playbook for advertising.

    1) First attack iPhone buyers, portraying them as pretentious hipsters who wait in line for days to buy the same thing with the head phone jack in a different position in the Galaxy SII ads. "Dude you're a barista." The iSheeple raged when these commercials came out.
    2) Then in the Galaxy S3 sequel show the iPhone as uncool as the young guy who switched the year before is in line at the Apple Store again, but only holding a place for his uncool, suburban white bread parents.
    3) Then with the S3 and Note start switching to showing features of the phones in useful everyday contexts. The 'Unicorn Apocalypse' series for using Galaxy phones in business settings for example.
    4) Unfortunately your dream BB commercials were done this year but they were for the Galaxy S4.
    Time shift camera? WTF is that? But I remember the Galaxy S4 removed the streaker from the parents' picture of their kid getting a diploma on stage.

    And answering a phone call while eating ribs or reading a text while your hands are goopy with sunscreen (plus a dozen things in a real world context) at the pool party after the ceremony.

    Don't you think, it will be hard for Blackberry to go down this same line without looking like a copy cat? Also Samsung spent big bucks (big name celebrity endorsements, buying Superbowl time even) over 3 years to build the "The Next Big Thing" commercials. Blackberry doesn't have that much time. It's likely too late for a shift in marketing to have much effect.
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    09-09-13 07:41 AM
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    I want to start by saying thank you for sharing those videos. I watched the commercials that make fun of iPhone users. Also, I saw the Unicorn Apocalypse one. I don't think it really matters if BB copies Apple's or Samsung's marketing. I'd rather see BB copy them and sell many phones, instead of failing. To address your point about celebrity endorsement, in my opinion, after watching the Lebron James commercial, I did not feel motivated to get a Galaxy Note. Although I completely agree with the fact that celebrity endorsement is important, it must be used effectively.

    You're completely right about BB's time limit. Keeping that in mind, I would still like BB not to give up marketing and try changing directions and putting effort and money into this department.
    09-10-13 01:05 AM

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