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    I have been thinking during work the past couple days of ideas for how BlackBerry can advertise their products to appeal to the masses better.

    I came up with this idea that since we the consumers are the ones using these new bb10 devices as our daily drivers, we are the ones who understand them the best. We know what makes the BB10 platform so powerful and we are the ones who can share these features. When I show people features on BB10 that isn't shown in the commercials everyone has the same reaction. That reaction is shocked and impressed that BlackBerry can do that, something their phone can't.

    So my idea is that since we are the ones who understand the features, advantages and benefits of this operating system the best, we should be helping BlackBerry advertise the product, and create new advertising ideas.

    This thread I would like it to be a sort of "think tank" to help assist BlackBerry in their advertising efforts. This thread is a place to share advertising ideas that will impact the general user the best. It can be a television ad, radio, print...anything you think can help.

    Just state the form of advertisement (tv) and then explain the ad, or even record a mock ad to give a better idea. People please like the ideas you think are good, and keep comments and replies to beneficial ones and not hate ones. These are people's ideas and opinions and we are here on crackberry because we love BlackBerry so let's work together and potentially give BlackBerry some fresh new ideas to help advertise their products so the general user will be able to appreciate the power of this amazing new operating system.

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    08-16-13 11:02 AM
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    Security is the only thing that BB does significantly better than its competitors. Their ads need to hammer home how BB protects average consumers from identity theft and protects corporate information. Stop wasting effort on marketing trivial OS features like the hub and BBM (features which don't stand out in any meaningful way from the competition), and start educating the masses about why they need a BB to protect their privacy and corporate data.

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    08-16-13 11:19 AM
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    TV advertisement.

    Starts by saying "trying to capture the perfect moment, BlackBerry 10 makes it easy". Then show someone taking a picture by tapping anywhere on the screen (possibly with having the Time Shift feature being used).

    Then the guy says "with quick previews on BB10 you can quickly see if the picture is what you wanted". Then it shows them using the picture preview feature by swiping up on the thumbnail picture.

    The person wants a different photo, so they let go of the preview, and quickly snap another and preview that one.

    The guy says "got the perfect picture, now share it quickly with BlackBerry 10 quick share screen". Then the person swipes on the preview and goes right to the share feature. And this shows the updated share screen where you can edit a picture, and all your most common shares are at the top and bigger making it easier to share to.

    Ends with the guy saying

    "Quickly capture and share your photos using the all new camera and share features on BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry 10 built to keep you moving"

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    08-16-13 11:31 AM
  4. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    Security is the only thing that BB does significantly better than its competitors.
    The problem with that idea is that BB10 phones are no more secure than iOS or Android phones, UNLESS they are running on BES, and even then, they'd be equivalent to, say, a Samsung running on Knox. But as a consumer phone that you just buy and use on your own, they aren't any more secure than anything else on the market.

    In fact, it could be argued that they are less secure, since sideloading is somewhat "encouraged", and because APKs that don't come directly from the Google Play Store could potentially be compromised. This is how all of the "malware" that people are always accusing Android of having gets onto phones. The difference is that relatively few people sideload on Android.

    The point is: "Blackberry security" was ALWAYS about BES. Without BES, it's just another phone.
    08-16-13 12:01 PM
  5. gg bb's Avatar
    It's difficult to know how secureBlackBerry 10 is but it's almost certainly considerably more secure than android if maybe not as secure as iphone. The main loophole being side loading and then the risks being significantly less than downloading third party app store programs to android. Android is insecure even if using google play. Eg download legit free android software with ads to adroid phone from play store. Unfortunately developer used a bad ad server which exploited his legit software to download android malware. The malware produces bogus notification to user stating popular app needs updated. User actions the bogus update message wich directs to install genuine nasty malware...

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    08-16-13 01:02 PM
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    Why not just copy iphone ads. Just replace the phone and the verbiage

    Seems they know how to advertise

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    08-16-13 01:06 PM
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    To my experience they need to set up better relationship with the carriers in order that they promote and put in their sale points the BlackBerry products. In Greece there is still no carrier to offer the OS 10 devises!

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    08-16-13 02:30 PM

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