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    I had my BlackBerry Priv for 2 days now and it's been one of my favorite android devices so far. With built in DTEK technology for security and a physical keyboard to type long posts more comfortably and accurately it actually has some great features that many android devices r missing. However, at least in the US, I haven't been seeing much advertising for the device. People don't even know it exists. Idk how it is in other parts of the world but Chen rlly needs to spend more on marketing these new devices. Can people comment on the extent of advertising in their countries where the PRIV has been available?

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    11-27-15 06:50 PM
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    Telling BlackBerry to Market is like teaching a pig to sing arias; it wastes time and annoys the pig. Ever since the Z10, everyone who remotely cares about BB has screamed 'Where's the MARKETING!?' To no avail.

    It's a shame, but until they unsqueeze the dollars, there'll be no marketing. But hey, buy a lottery ticket, at least there, you have a chance of getting a positive outcome!

    If they release an updated version down the road, I'd expect the PRIV to be even better. It usually takes a couple of generations to get them top notch, and good things mag come. Glad to hear you're liking the PRIV!
    11-27-15 11:26 PM
  3. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    There is some marketing for the Priv (if you were expecting a big assault of TV commercials, then you haven't been paying attention to BB's financials), but with limited stock in retail stores that is already sold out, spending a billion dollars on advertising right now would do nothing - people would go to the stores to buy a Priv, find it out of stock, and most would buy something else instead.

    A lot of folks simply can't seem to grasp how difficult BB's financial situation is. Keep in mind that in the last 3 years, they've written down $5.5 billion dollars (almost twice their current value) just in losses on the Playbook and BB10. They've sold off all of their real estate, they've laid off more than half the company, and yet they still can't turn a profit. Revenues are still in free-fall overall. They have $3B in "cash equivalents", but $1.25B plus interest is a loan from Fairfax, and first in line to be repaid, so BB really has about $1.75B in total to operate with - much of which has to be set aside for operating costs and ensuring payroll - it isn't just sitting in a checking account available to spend on "whatever."

    BB's situation is still very tenuous, and foolish overspending in any area can quickly get them in big trouble. They have to be cautious, because "death" is just a couple of mistakes away.
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    11-28-15 04:44 PM
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    Marketing for PRIV-priv_billboard__1448686914609_792439.jpeg
    Marketing for PRIV-priv_bus_1448664503981_648689_.png

    It's kinda happening. Good thing is, they seem to be looking for bang for buck, not buck for bang...

    as in Super Bowl and Boulben... :-)

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    11-29-15 06:33 PM
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    I've seen bits and pieces too but nothing along the lines of the other big names. Saying that though, BB never advertised much anyway did they?
    12-02-15 09:05 PM
  6. ChainPunch's Avatar
    Blackberry just don't have the money to market like the other companies. If you had to choose between marketing like the others or blackberry going out of business, which path would you take.

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    12-03-15 12:56 PM

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