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    I have been a BlackBerry Lover for a LONG time now; it started because we use them in the office and it has been a Corporate Standard for many companies. I personally have a LOT of BB Devices including a PlayBook. However, I recently purchased a KeyOne (I intentionally delay upgrading devices until they work out the bugs and issues first...)

    So I am VERY upset to find out that BB Bridge does NOT work on the KeyOne and I can't Bridge the KeyOne to my PlayBook! I don't understand why BlackBerry doesn't focus on keeping it's OWN products compatible and consistent, (rather than worrying about what Apple, etc is doing.)

    I design software for the Pharmaceutical Sales Industry and have used my Playbook (via BB Bridge) to make small group, ad hoc presentations where wifi was not available. I have Also used my BB PlayBook in Court (where they also do not have wifi) to present evidence to the Judge by handing him my PlayBook and showing him text messages! I have won 3 Landlord / Tenant cases because of BB Bridge Software!

    It is Absolutely Necessary that BlackBerry should continue Developing, Supporting and MAINTAINING Consistency of BB Bridge and all of it's existing and future Functions and Apps for their Android and ALL upcoming devices! It is Key to Maintaining Customers and meeting our Business needs. After all BlackBerrys are for BUSINESS users, not people who want to post pictures of their salad!

    I believe it is a necessity and I am VERY upset that I can't Bridge with my KeyOne now. I also think that BB needs to upgrade the software on the Playbook. It fails to load a lot of sites and Apps b/c of its outdated Operating System and Outdated Browser.
    12-22-18 03:22 PM
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    go troll some other message board please. None of what you said is based on reality at all.
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    12-22-18 04:24 PM

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