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    It is an idea, which may help developers to find the "best market conditions" for their app. Originally I wanted to send this letter to somebody, who is close to BlackBerry, but I have failed, I could not find anybody, so now firsty I post it here. I have already asked the developers http://forums.crackberry.com/develop...lopers-915699/ but as later on you will see, the potential costumers, so You, are also as important as the developers. Than I will really need your oppinion and extra ideas

    So we all know Kick Starter, where people or organisations can raise money for their produck by community if they do not have capital. And we also know, that it is quite succesfull. Therefore why BlackBerry could not do the same with Apps in BlackBerry World? Probably there are developers, who have great ideas, but they do not know, if their app would be succesfull; obviously they want money from their app, but they do not want to risk if only a few person buy their app, and they just wasted their time. Moreover there are developers, who have succesfull apps on other platforms, but they also nut sure if it worth to develope their app in native for BB10, will they have enough costumers? End here is, where this idea could be useful.

    So lets say, there would be an extra menu in BlackBerry World, where developers could introduce their app idea. Here you could see the app, what functios does the developer promise, would it be a qualificated Built for BlacBerry app, how much time the developer need, to make the app (when would be the deadline of the app reliese) and the most important part, how much money does the developer need, to make his app (for example $1000, $5000 etc). Obviously BlackBerry could benefit from this, lets say 10 or 30% goes to BlackBerry like when you buy an app. So people could offer money (like $1, $2, $5, 10$ or more) and BlackBerry would keep that money untill the application is done. After BlackBerry checked the app, and if everything is ok, BlackBerry pays the developer from the raised money, and the people who offered the money would get the app instantly. If the developer could not finish his app in time, or it has a lot of bugs, or some of the promised functions are not working, the people, who offered money, would get it back. After all, I think, that application should be free, unless the developer provide further upgrades and support, in that case the app could be $1 or $2, but this is something what BlackBerry and the developers should decide together.

    So that was my idea, I do not know, where to send it (in BlackBerry), or what to do with it, that is why I posted it here. If you think, it is a good idea or revolutionary, than be as loud as possible, than BlackBerry will may hear us

    So what do you think?
    03-17-14 07:35 PM
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    03-17-14 08:42 PM

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